About us

Our vision is to help those who enjoy
running to get a better running movement!

the runner and only with the help of the mobile phone!

Certifierad coach

Carl Norell is leg physiotherapist, running coach & trainer


In short videos, Carl Norell explains how your running gradually improves. Getting started programs are available for those who want to start running, and advanced programs for the more experienced runner.
We call this the Running School which is available in the app.

Carl Norell has had a burning interest in running coaching and running training for 20 years. When he's not on the trail, he's searching for the scientific path to better running performance and the keys to coaching ordinary runners to success. When he is not doing development work at Myrunning, Carl works as a teacher at Sweden's leading coaching school, where he i.a. trained more running coaches than anyone else in Sweden. Carl's clinical experience as a running coach, leg. physiotherapist and PT combined with his scientific understanding is an important key to being able to provide all our runners with the help and functions that really make a difference.


Via proprietary, sophisticated algorithms, your motion pattern is analyzed based on a whole range of running parameters calculated only with your own mobile as equipment. The analysis of your running is then the basis for being able to give you customized running coaching.

Lars Nilsson has run a number of product development projects in the mobile industry. In 2016, together with Andreas Jakobsson, professor at LTH, he started a company in motion analysis. The goal was to measure the walking movement of knee and hip joint patients as a follow-up and help to be able to return to a normal movement pattern. The idea was to do this in the simplest way, accessible in everyday life to everyone, via the mobile phone. During this work, the team discovered that the running step, like the walking step, could be measured and assessed with very high precision. Most often, advanced equipment is required in a laboratory environment, but we discovered that this could be done with great accuracy by analyzing the mobile's sensor data via proprietary, sophisticated algorithms.

Why choose us?



It's easy and quick to get started. Download the app, listen to running school tips and get out on the trail. We want to make running and measuring simple and have done our utmost to make the app easy to use and appealing. Choose one of the various prepared sessions and receive guidance via audio signals in the running track.



Listen to the tips about running technique when it suits you; on the bus, the subway, during the break at work or at home. Then test your new knowledge on the running track and follow in the app how your running style gradually improves! New tips on running technique, effective training sessions, running programs, understanding running training and more are continuously posted in the app.



No additional equipment is needed beyond your own mobile phone. Therefore, you can get started quickly. No extra sensors, watches or wristbands. If you want to make a very accurate measurement, the mobile needs to be placed in a waist bag on the back or in a back pocket, centered. Otherwise, hold it in your hand and watch in real time the speed, distance, map track on the screen.

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