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About the app

Myrunning is a mobile application that makes your running more efficient and inspiring. It helps you before, during and after your run. Myrunning analyzes your technique, performance and gives you access to knowledge and training tips from well-known running coaches (in Swedish)

How it works

  • Install the Myrunning app, start and run
  • Position the mobile in a waist bag or hold it in your hand when running
  • After the run, the training is uploaded and detailed results are given
  • Set your goals and learn to run more effectively via educational videos in the running school

Follow the development in your running technique

detailed calcukation

A variety of running parameters are carefully calculated after your run. For example, your frequency, brake, vertical force and altitude change are displayed and assessed. Important parts to follow for energy efficient running! 

Take a Technique Test! It takes 5 minutes to have your running technique assessed

Download the app "Myrunning info" from GooglePlay or AppStore
Running school

See detailed video presentations on running technique, effective sessions, running program and explanation of the app's functions (currently only in Swedish)

Weekly statistics

Set your weekly goals and see how you're doing on the app's 1st page. Goal setting makes running more fun and increases motivation in everyday training.

guided running sessions

Get help with guidance during the running sessions, you can create sessions and receive signals for interval training, find frequency, the right speed, etc.

Personal best, History...

See your top 10 results at different distances, history over different time periods and detailed graphs of your run.

Myrunning shows the way to better running technique and stronger running steps!


The best running technique is unique to you and your needs.
With Myrunning you
will understand what the technique looks like today and are guided towards training that makes the technique stronger and more effective!

Myrunning gives you real running knowledge and
an understanding of your training!


Carl Norell guides you forward through educational videos on everything from important running sessions to strength exercises. Carl is our head coach and has trained >1000 running coaches via Tranarakademin and
has worked with exercisers and elite runners for over 20 years!

Take the next step in you running!


We help you as a beginner to run in a sensible way. It should be fun to run and you should avoid training too hard at the beginning. Our goal is to keep runners motivated so that you continue to develop at your own pace!


For you who are an experienced runner, we coach you to a better performance via the running school and the running data that is recorded. You get a competent app with a lot of features not normally found in running apps!

Running coach

Are you a running coach or do you want to take the step and start coaching in running? Our system helps you coach and follow other runners remotely. We support and train you to become a myrunning running coach completely free of charge!

Do you want to help other runners?

Are you a passionate runner and want to learn how to help others? Do you want to take the first step to becoming a coach?
Welcome to register your interest and participate in our mission to get more people running and feeling better.

Write a few lines and send to and we will get back to you!


coach your friends
become a runner

Our vision is to help more people get started and start running in a sustained and lasting way. It should be fun to run and we want to help all categories, beginners as well as experienced!

help others

Do you have an interest in running and like to help others? Few things are experienced as satisfying as being able to help others to better health or performance. We give you the basics of running coaching and you will be able to follow your team of runners via our running coach portal on the web. 

start coaching

Myrunning helps you start working on running. With our running coach portal and Tranarakademins solid running coach training, you can take the plunge!

Take the next step in you running!

Get started! download the app and start running!

- What an experience!

” The Myrunning app helps me develop my running!
  Really good! ”

Mikael Orrebrink

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